Client: Neuroscience Institute (NI), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
Context: As part of my job in NI, I create print and digital graphics such as posters, postcards, signage, graphics for the website and social media, and anything else that we might need. Below I've included a few examples.
One of my favorite things that I've learned to do in the past year is customize Twitter cards. A "card" is the image that appears when a URL is posted to Twitter. By inserting a small amount of code into a webpage, you can control what image will appear when a Twitter user posts the webpage's URL.
I designed both of the cards below to promote an NI workshop (on the left) and our postdoctoral fellowship program (on the right). In general, Tweets that include these eye-catching and informative graphics get more attention and spread the word about our activities more effectively.
I frequently design posters to advertise our events and related activities. The one below is my favorite— maybe because I took a rare departure from our usual red, black, and grey color scheme. 
Finally, below I've included an agenda from Neuro Week, which NI hosted in November 2019. I created this awhile ago and my design skills have come a long way since then. However, Neuro Week was the largest event that we have held in my time at NI and it was the first time I had the opportunity to design materials that passed through the hands of so many individuals. 
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