Neuroscience Institute Website: 
Ongoing January 2019- present 
As part of my job duties at the Carnegie Mellon Neuroscience Institute (NI), I am responsible for maintaining and updating the department website. I designed and built the website with minimal oversight and have been maintaining it since its inception. 
The NI site is run through a Cascade CMS server. Although the site design is restricted to certain layouts, color palettes, and fonts that are determined by the university's CMS team, as the designer of the NI site I am able to exert creative freedom in many ways. 
I appreciate that department websites across CMU are encouraged to utilize the same CMS, because it creates consistency across different Carnegie Mellon websites. This builds brand recognition and a sense of predicability that removes friction from the user experience.
On the NI homepage (annotated below), I strive to include images, news stories, and Tweets that showcase our community and highlight the people who call the Neuroscience Institute home.
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